What am I doing?

It was April 5 when I and my friends started going to the wedding of a colleague from a small town. I had no expectations from that road and wedding, I was an abscond, long without a boyfriend, and determined not to decompile me anything to fix my life and finish the college. The goal was to follow a friend in a new chapter of life, to have a good time and to stuff it all with some good wine. I had no idea that going to this little city would change my life.

The wedding was held in a local hotel, a pleasant ambience. It was cheerful and usually, applause, congratulations and, of course, frequent rouse with colleagues from the faculty. Our friend may have got married early, but seeing her in the wedding dress is so beautiful she just shone, and each one of us had already wished that she would wear a white dress asap. It mollify me  and led me to imagine my wedding. In all that my dreaming, a tall black guy approached me with the desire to meet me.
He wore a turquoise shirt and had a striped tie. His reflection reflected his confidence and he was very prudent … When I wanted to meet him with my friends, he confidently told me that he came here only because of me, and that he does not want to get to know some other girls and that he is wasting time on other girls. I like that desire and perseverance. In his aspirations I felt worthy and respectful.
The guy was extremely charming and I  accepted all that attention and flattery.
At that moment, it started a famous song in the background and he invited me to dance.
I found myself in a pleasant embrace and he whispered to my that I fit perfectly into that embrace and that he was the real mold for my beautiful body. Then he fondle me on my hair, looked at it lustfully and kissed me gently.

In that same rhythm we continued without paying attention to the environment. The time in his embrace quickly passed and people slowly left the wedding.

After the dance we went to a local theater where the cafe was located. After drinking a couple of drinks, he grabbed me by the arm and took me with him. We started off the hallway leading to the toilet, but he caught the door in the hallway and opened them. It was a hall of the theater, which with some miracle was opened. It was dark in the room, but the lights of the mobile illuminated the way to the main scene to the “boards that mean life”. The feeling on the stage is incredible, my young man and I on the main scene. And symbolically, all the persistent views against us … it caused additional excitement.

We entered the wardrobe, there were various costumes, wigs, masks … that we tried in our darkness. Then he turned on the reading lamp he found on the desk.
Soon after, he approached me, stepped behind my back, and I did not have anywhere. I glowed, and in the head I still played and danced. He continued to whisper passionate things, then anger overtook me. I was pleased with it and I could not reasonably think. He touched me and kissed my neck … and he lifted my skirt more and more. His hands were found in my crotch, in my bra they were everywhere … I could not help defending myself, I was conquered and very astonished.Luckily I wore sexy underwear, I had red sexy thongs and lace sexy bra, It was sexy underwear lace set.
In this darkness and the silence of the theater, only our eagerness that revived the theater could be heard. Then he took off my sexy panties and we made love … After an initial excitement, fear prevailed. I thought, “Oh, God, what am I doing, why am I doing,” and asked him to stop … I felt scared, but that embrace gave me hope that I did not make a mistake. His calm speech managed to control my fear. He told me that I am brave and will call me “Force” from now on, to always encourage me further and give me security. When he calmed me down, we decided to go back to the cafe…And aftter 10 months we are still together.

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