The Sleepover Fantasy

Have you ever had a crush on your friend’s older brother? This is common for many young girls. We love the idea of someone who is sophisticated taking on an older brother role…that can sometimes turn into something more.

Of course, you are older now, but the fantasy of being with your friend’s brother can still be sexy in a somewhat forbidden kind of way.

If you never got to act out on this preteen crush, sexy role play can be a great way to scratch that itch.

To start, pretend you are at a sleepover with your friends. (This might be challenging if there are no other females in the house who are willing to play along, but we’ll let you get creative with that one.)

Now say a pillow fight ensues and as your giggling with your friends, you see your friend’s brother look at you in a whole new way. You excuse yourself and follow him into his room where both of you start touching each other which leads to the wildest sex you will ever experience.

This can be especially erotic (especially if you are wearing erotic lingerie) because you know you must keep quiet so as not to be caught by his sister, his parents or anyone else that is in the house. Even though he is doing things to make you scream, you must resist the urge.

A younger girl and a friend’s older brother is just one of the many sexual role playing character ideas you can play out in your bedroom. Which will you be doing to take your time in the bedroom to the next level tonight?

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