My teacher

I remember it was yesterday. I was in the eighth grade, I finished elementary. I was always a bit more developed than my peers. Nobody would give me less than 18 years at a glance. But let me get to the point. We had a sixth lesson in geography. Our and the teachers, it was the last lesson for Friday. We all could hardly wait to go home, and that was also seen on her. She was a blond, not very tall, about 40

. The sixth lesson ended, and I was the last in the classroom and I was about to go out. I put the bag on my back and headed towards the door. “Wait,” she told me, and rushed toward the door. She put the key in the lock and locked the classroom. “You’re not going anywhere until you do something,” she said as she looked at me pretty fucking. “What?” I asked, as my dick woke up from its very appearance. “I would,” she spoke, and stopped a bit, “to have sex.” I did not get in doubt, I caught her by the waist and pulled her up, to feel my cruel little dick on her stomach.
I kissed her with tongue as she crouched me like a snake in her arms. She worked out and said, “Are you afraid of me?” “No,” I answered her, still holding her hips. “Then, what are you waiting for,” she said, while removing her black, tight shirt. She had a black sexy lace bra, her tits immediately jumped out. They were medium sized, but extremely sophisticated, firm and juicy. I warned that I licked them when I was taking one hand. I took off unexpectedly easily, and the dick was at liberty.She stepped away from me, and she took off. Her pussy, so juicy, simply called my dick in her. I caught her like a groom who passed the young woman over the threshold, and put her on the chair. I put her back on the chair, while her legs hang freely. I went to her feet. I tugged at her and started licking her pussy. In the story with the guys who were supposedly “already fucking”, I heard that the pussy has a disgusting taste. But she did not have. She was so sweet, I wanted to eat her pussy. I lick it faster and faster, and pushed the tongue as far as I could in it. She sighs all the time, and once she vigorously screamed.
She finished. She put her hand on my forehead, and she pulled me away from the pussy. She looked at her watch and said: “Listen, this is your only chance to fuck me in your life. I saw you watching me at classes. You  have one  hour, so you better get to the point. I went back to her pussy. She was still wet..
I put my dick inside  right now. She sighed, and spread her legs even further. I understood it as a provocation from her side, so I started to get it even harder and faster. She wounded more and more, and in the end she wrinkled again.I fucked her faster and faster the whole hour,when we finished she unlocked the door, and we went home together. She lived two streets away from me. We broke up on her side with a passionate kiss. I promised to contact her and go home. Yes, it was a true dream teacher.

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