My dear neighbor Mily

My neighbor was divorced six or seven years ago, but that’s not so important. As soon as she divorced, she returned to live with her mother, that is, in my neighborhood. We knew each other as children because we lived house to house. Before she married, Mily and I often spent time together and socialized. If you think there was something between us, you are wrong. At that time she was not so attractive.

I started to think more about her, more often, with every thought the dick began to jump. One evening I returned from the city, when I saw my neighbor at the station. I stopped the car and took her with me. She had a mini skirt, which, when she sat down, pulled up and discovered her beautiful legs, the white shirt that revealed the sexy underwear. It makes me horny, and I was only thinking about how to dress her down, and even here in the car. We started to talk about some irrelevant things. We went near a café and I invited her to come to a drink, which she immediately accepted. We stayed in that cafe for a long time and talked, mostly she talked about this missed marriage. We went back and she sat again, but this time the skirt went up even more. I could not hold it anymore, my right arm went for her leg. She was a little surprised that she was surprised, but I noticed in her view that she liked it.I kept rubbing her legs, pushing my hand more toward her panties. I gently put my hand in to her panties and touched a shaved pussy. As I rubbed her clit, until she sat down sadly and quietly groaned with satisfaction. I asked her to stop somewhere, but she said that this was enough for now, of course I was a bit disappointed.  When we arrived home, she kissed me at the exit and thanked me for the wonderful evening. I told her that it could be even better.She told me that she was home alone. I was surprised. I went with her to her room. She asked me to be gentle, because she did not have sex for a long time and that she was a little scared like this is  the first time. I told her dont worry you will enjoy  as never before. I lowered her to the bed and slowly began to kiss her. I tugged my hand again in her panties and I started to touch her.

She started to let the juices of passion and groan with pleasure. I pulled my hand out of her panties and  take her shirt and sexy underwear. Two beautiful boobs appeared in front of me. I started to kiss them. I kissed her lower and lower. I took off her skirt and panties and I saw she is wearing extremely hot sexy underwear. Her sexy underwear makes me feel horny so much. I touch her and lick and we spent amazing night together, we had sex whole night. She was extremely happy and me, I hovered. She asked me to repeat this again for a while. now I’m regularly fucking Mily now, and every time it’s getting better and better

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