Kayla’s Present Pt. 2

She nodded then simply eyeing him with a look that was half disinterest and half mild amusement. Whoever this blonde was, she must have faith in her products because her attitude certainly was not a selling point. She sighed once more this time faintly before switching the pressure on her feet and turning to walk away. John bemused, stood watching as the sway of her hips were accentuated in the tight leather pencil skirt she wore. He coughed once she turned, eyeing him suspiciously for a moment before speaking, “well, are you going to stand there or follow me?”

He could have sworn he saw a smirk cross her face but thought better of it. his face now a light tint of rose he followed her through what appeared to be a dark blue curtain. The curtain led to a quaint room that housed several dressing kiosks. He looked around and noted the furniture and lighting, there was nothing exceptional about the room, two love couches and a few waiting chairs at the end. There were some threads and material samples littered across the floor, then it hit him. This was a fitting room.

“take off your clothes.”

This time John did not argue, she clearly knew what he had requested and so it was best to not further alienate her. One item after another he slipped off his clothing and peering at the lady with a cautious side-eye. He was neither fit nor fat. Average was a good descriptor for him, in both his build and overall look. He had longer lashes that his girlfriend had told him was the prettiest thing about his face but other than that, John knew he was simply average. Nothing compared to the woman who was currently staring him down or his girlfriend for that matter.

“The briefs need to come off too.” He paused, he couldn’t have possibly heard right. “The brief, man pants, they need to come off as well.” She added the last part like an explanation for what briefs meant.

Now he was suspicious, “I know what briefs are, I just don’t see how you will need mine off.” He said, doing his best to speak far less frantic than he felt.

She didn’t seem to care, “you take briefs off, or I cannot help you. Next time you choose to shop for a woman you buy lingerie online in Canada.” She said this time making eye contact with him as she added the last part.

John frowned, he made a move to speak but thought better of it, this rude shop keeper was right and after this experience, he would keep his shopping to online vendors or go days earlier when he chose to buy lingerie in Canada retail stores.

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