Kayla’s Present PT. 1

John scoffed at the lady in front of him, she couldn’t be serious how was he supposed to do what she had just proposed. His arms wrapped at the base of his chest as he exhaled deeply for a moment refusing to look her in the eyes. Then he did. Peering sideways slowly his soft lashes opening up to size up the clerk in front of him, she was blonde but not in the natural strawberry blonde or the light blonde way that many of the girls from his hometown in the Midwest were. No, this woman was platinum blonde with what looked like grey specs at the tip, she wore it in a curt bob. She was average height, at probably five foot and six inches, and she wore a simple black pantsuit over what looked like a lace lingerie teddy. Her make up was light and her lips, while not full were plump and nicely shaped and painted red. His analysis done he realized that while the words that had left her lips were crazy, the blonde in front of him seemed to have her sanity in check. Her patience however, was quickly flying out the window.

“You said you would like to buy sexy lingerie no?” she asked, staring blankly if a little impatiently at him. John nodded, yes, he had said that. But it was her follow up that was being scrutinized, “I want it for my girlfriend, not myself.”

“It?” she asked clearly half checked out of the conversation, she was not the best salesperson.

lingerie…” John muttered in resignation. All the other shops were closed and if he wanted to get Kayla’s present in time he needed to act fast.

I told you we have, one-piece lingerie, erotic lingerie, teddy lingerie. What’s not clicking?” Now she was being outrightly rude, but she had the ball in her court, so John simply nodded.

“yes, I understand that, but you said it’s for men, I need them in women’s sizes.”

That earned him an eye roll. “This is a men’s lingerie store, would it not be strange to have women’s clothes, and sizes laying around?”

He nodded again; she was right. “I’ll take anything.”

That earned him an amused smile, “I have something, but you must understand that it is designed for men, but it can serve your purpose.”

He wanted to scream, but it was pointless, this was all his fault anyway. “fine, I’ll take it.”

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