February, month of love

It’s february, the month of love. Preparations for Valentine’s day are starting slowly. You already took out Your favourite dress from Your closet and no suprise it fits You perfect. You think about the new shoes that You saw on winter sale, and the perfect purse that would go great with them, it’s already time for new one! Because Valentine’s day is pretty good reason to go shopping. And tha’s all just because You want to look great for Your partner.

However, did You think about what you could wear under Your dress, yes, we are talking about lingerie, or if You will rather like to call it sexy underwear!

With real sexy, luxury lingerie You will tickle Your partners imagination and make Your sexual life amazing. Tastes are diferent and the choices are numerous. You could chose betwen lace, silk, cotton and etc. Black is always sexy and elegant, pink underwear will usually choose romantic girls, but only the brave girls would chose red pieces that will blown their partners mind. Thongs, boxer shorts, lace, cotton, it is complitely up to You what You will choose for that night. Tastes are diferent but still there are some things which men like more than others.When we talk about comfort You probably should wear cotton pieces which are comfortable for You and that do not show your extra kilograms, but when we talk about special ocasions then You can “suffer” a little bit.

When You are  looking for the perfect sexy underwear, choose something luxurious, sensual but also erotic. Make sure You will be the sexy baby doll Your man dreams about and not a cheap looking one.

The most important thing inall of this is for us to find perfect pieces which would fit like a glove to Your curves and that are also sexy, right? High on the list of favourite sexy lingerie that men like are:


  1. Brazilian pants that fit to Your butt
  2. Sexy bra and panty sets
  3. White lace lingerie
  4. Womans boxers
  5. Corset

And here are some pieces which are not so likedby men:

  1. Lingerie with some drawings and childish signs
  2. Huge panties in Bridget Jones style
  3. Sexy panties which are “impossible” to take off
  4. Cheap underwear!

Regardless of the fact that our sexy underwear will within a few seconds “end” on the floor, it is also important for a successful sex life. Especially with those couples who practice long, sensual foreplay that includes striptease, dirty dance and the likes of it.

When Youare choosing the perfect undrwear think about two things: color and size!

Color: When it comes to colors, men consider that one-color underwear is far better than the ones in color explosions. “We want to see you in the lingerie that follows the line of your body and that show all the gorgeous parts of it.The basic black and white lingerie with some details is  the perfect choice. Also, their advice is to avoid sensual lingerie that are in the nude color because they are considered ultimately the old look.

Size: Men mentioned before that the size is also one important thing to look at. If you had permanently adjusted the straps and your breast are spilling out it usually means that it doesn’t fit You. You will feel uncomfortable in it, believe it or not but guys take notice to that.

But lets  return to the models that will instantly “burn” your boyfriend!


Cotton boxers are fun, comfortable and sporty. They are the perfect clothing for the weekends at home and for girls who like comfortable clothes. And when you appear in them, naked from the waist up, you believe in the word that a man will want to instantly sleep with you. “I love when a girl wears boxers. It kind of sends me signals that the girl is fun, social and casual. I just do not expect to wear them constantly and occasionally surprise me with some other model. ” Elvis (23)

Corsets with halters

This is definitely a model that requires little pain while taking them off. A perfect model for special occasions and those that include the sexy red dress that you keep in the wardrobe for special occasions. Choose models that are not too complicated and can be removed as quickly as possible. You will definitelly be a sexy baby doll.

“I love corset. That  is the concept of classic sex. I realy like it when my girl wears elegant and sensual lingerie! ” Dean(23)

For the end You could also choose fetish red lingerie, but whatever You chose it will end up on the floor! Enjoy!

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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