Exhibitionists get off on participating in sexual acts in public places.  While the idea of exposing yourself in public might seem a little creepy, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate exhibitionism into your sexy role play in a way that is a turn on and not creepy at all.

Of course, if you and your partner are daring enough, you might have sex on a (hopefully) deserted beach or in a car. Here, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with exposing yourself in a public place as well as the exciting feeling that comes from the possibility that you could get caught.

If this is still a bit much for you, you can surprise your partner by walking around in a robe or a jacket or a kinky piece of lingerie with nothing on underneath. Just when your partner is least expecting it, open your robe to reveal your bare skin underneath. It’s likely he or she will find this to be a turn on and have you there and then.

Other ways to use exhibitionism without getting too daring is to walk around your house naked or in various states of undress in front of open windows. Or you can sunbathe nude in a semi secluded section of your house. Of course, you must be careful. You never know when you could be ratted out for public indecency!

With that in mind, it’s probably best to limit exhibitionism to sexy role play and sexual role playing character ideas you have with your partner. Doing so can make your sex life more interesting and exciting. How will you use exhibitionism to make your time in the bedroom special?

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