Cheater in my thoughts

Sexy young lovers being intimate in bed

I do not know what that day was like to me, but I felt just exhausted. I drank one cup of coffee and immediately lay in bed. But I could not sleep. I was exhausted to sleep. I turned to the left – right, and in the end I always looked at the white wall. But I stayed in bed and in my thoughts. I remembered that new working colleague. He was only twenty years old, a fresh guy from the college, so he looked good. I started to touch the whole body.

How would I like him to be here now … mmmm … At that moment my husband came in, he saw me on the bed as I was touching my boobs. In the meantime I already take off my sexy bra. I was only in white panties, boxers, which were thin and lace. They were so tight. He kept watching me, he was a little surprised, but I noticed that he was horny also.

“Come, free me from these tight panties,” I told him. He pulled the jacket off of himself and immediately approached me. He kissed my mouth, fast,his  tongue came to my navel and extended to my panties. The feeling of excitement was incredible. My husband is older than me, but we have a good time from the beginning. We’ve been married for so many years and this was the first time I was caught while I  masturbate. I did not feel overwhelmed at all, he has already pleased me so many times. But my thoughts were with my new working colleague. Now he have passed his tongue over my panties, and my pussy was so wet.”Aaah, make me free,” I said in the breath, as if I had experienced an orgasm.My husband did this, he pulled them lightly and nicely. He liked my sexy underwear a lot. He likes when I dance to him in sexy corsets or sexy bra and panties. He also buyed me somethimes some sexy pieces of underwear. He likes so much silk sexy underwear, on me of course LOL!  He licked me cautiously as if he  try my pussy for the first time. Then he began to lick lying and hit my pussy with his tongue. His hot tongue came into my pussy, and his tongue licked my vagina passing by.I saw him take off his pants.He was touching himself. I looked at his dick and thought about how big a penis was of my colleague. I would like him to satisfy me now. I kept my eyes closed, just thinking about it and relaxed in licking. I did not have the power to move. I was so tired of work, but I was horny and wet. Suddenly, my feelings were overwhelmed like two penises entered in me. I started to finish and go loud. From the sighs, they become a whirlwind, and my husband was done too. He put two fingers in my pussy and I spread out my legs so he can go deeper. My husband still fuck me with his fingers, he went deep into me.  We were lying next to each other in the bed, we kissed once more and rested.We did not even speak. I felt so bad. Behind my beloved husband, I thought of another man, that never happened to me. When my husband left the room, I stayed alone with my dirty thoughts and with a mild smile I went to sleep …

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