3 ways to spice up the bedroom


Today’s article is written specifically for people in longer relationships, and while these are tips that can be applied regardless of what stage your relationship is in, I’m certain those of you in longer relationships will appreciate them more.

Researchers believe that after the first few years of romantic love, passion becomes affection. Which means all the heat leaves a relationship and is replaced with the comfort of stability. There’s nothing objectively wrong with this, but for a lot of people, this transition can feel like hitting a slump in the romance department, not good. And many struggles to recreate those impulses they originally felt.

This is because the older a relationship gets the easier it is to allow yourself to fall into a status quo. While I can’t promise to restore the blinding lust phase into your relationship, I can offer three ways to spice up the bedroom making that transition to affection anything but boring.

Love language, knowing your partners love language is key to maneuvering and bringing out the best in your relationship. Think of what they love to receive and what brings them joy and act on it, happy partner means better sex.

Try new things, if it means incorporating toys or simply switching up positions and/or locations try it. these are simple ways to show your partner that you are still very much attracted to them, and willing to explore new avenues with them.

Lingerie, ooh mama. Nothing says spicy like well-fitted teddy lingerie, or lingerie set. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for yourself or your partner, kinky lingerie is a great tone-setter and signal for where you want the night to go, it lets your partner know that you’re in the mood for fun, and also willing to seduce or be seduced.

I hope these steamy tips help make that transition smoother and hotter.

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